About Us


Where We Started

Najd or the Najd Highlands is the region located in the middle of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and where the capital Riyadh is located. Its borders extend from the mountains of Hayel to the north to the Empty Quarter to the south, and from the desert of Nafud to the east to the Hijaz Mountains to the west. It has been a fertile land rich with pastures, wild birds and animals such as ostriches, deer and rabbits, and with many oasis and palm farms. It was also home to a number of Arab tribes and many of the old poets wrote poetry about Najd and mentioned by many orientalists. The region is characterized by its delicious dishes, which rely heavily on wheat, dates and dairy products. It is characterized by a unique architectural style that combines the beauty of architecture with its simplicity and suitability to the prevailing climate in the region to provide a comfortable natural atmosphere.

From such rooted history, our philosophy at Najd village is based on providing you with a convenient place that is rich with history and heritage and with delicious traditional Najd meals prepared by experienced chefs under the direct supervision of specialists in the authentic Najd cuisine.


Najd Village Vision

To offer the concept of rich and diverse Najd cuisine in its original style and in a beautiful heritage ambiance that nourishes feelings of gratitude and nostalgia.


Najd Village Mission

To continue to have pride in our history while remembering the old Najd lifestyle and Arab cuisine in an environment that combines the uniqueness of the heritage and its architecture and antiques with the warmth of hospitality and generosity and quality of service, and above all .. the taste of excellence by relying on our long experience